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Cloud Phone VoIP

Communicate on Your Terms

Many small business owners feel like they spend a small fortune on phone bills. And for their expense, they receive a phone service that only handles the basics of what a business might need. OnSwitch provides business phone systems that use your company's internet connection to make and receive calls, a technology called VoIP. The phone systems are hosted "in the cloud", and don't require any special equipment at your office, considerably reducing startup costs when compared to older, analog phone systems. Cloud phone systems from OnSwitch allow you to receive your voicemail via email, make and receive calls from your smartphone, computer, or office phone, and give your customers big business features, on a small business budget, OnSwitch cloud phone systems let your communicate where you want and how you want, for a price that will put a smile on your face.



Fully Supported With Lots of IT Knowledge

If you've tried VoIP services before, you might have experienced a serious lack of support. Lots of VoIP providers choose to offer bargain basement prices instead of providing support to their customers. If you have a lot of technical knowledge that works out great. But if you're like small business owners, troubleshooting VoIP services isn't a skill set you list on your resume. OnSwitch is more than just phones. More than half of our business comes from managing and supporting small business computer networks. This means that we have a whole truckload of IT and network knowledge behind us that we use to support our Cloud Phone customers. If you have a technical problem with your VoIP phones caused by something on your network, our technicians will work with you to diagnose the issue, and provide you with the necessary steps to get it resolved. And if you would rather we handle it all for you, just let us know. We'll provide you with a quote for repairing your network, or providing full network management services on an ongoing basis, at your request.



Pricing and Services



  • Unlimited inbound calls received to your local phone numbers

  • 750 minutes/person/month of outbound calling anywhere in Canada or the USA (1.5 cents/minute after cap is reached)

  • Included minutes for all licensed team members are pooled, allowing team members with light calling usage to balance out those with heavy usage without adding cost

  • Port in your existing numbers, or obtain new phone numbers, both without setup fees

  • Gain access to a complete cloud phone system including:

    • IVRs

    • Call recording

    • Voicemail to email delivery (audio attachments, voicemails are not transcribed)

    • Call flow scheduling (open/closed flow for business hours, automatic closures for holidays)

    • Queues to hold callers if no one is available to answer

    • Upload custom on-hold messaging and greetings

    • Detailed call metrics and statistics

    • Integration of call flows with your other business apps via API requests/webhooks

Restaurant and Retail


  • Analog line replacement for up to 4 phone lines

  • Unlimited inbound calls

  • Unlimited outbound calls within North America

  • Connects to your existing analog phones or phone system (use the same equipment you do now)

  • Gain access to detailed call metrics and statistics through the Cloud Phone web site

  • Port in your existing phone numbers, or obtain new ones, both without setup fees

Toll Free Inbound

$0.045/inbound minute

  • Port in your existing toll free numbers, or obtain new ones, both without setup fees

  • Receive calls from Canada and USA callers to your toll free numbers at no cost to the calling party

  • Direct calls to a VoIP desk phone, softphone app on computer or mobile phone, or to another local phone number

  • Inbound calls received to your toll free numbers are billed at 4.5 cents/minute when received on a VoIP device, and 5.5 cents/minute when forwarded to an external number