Communications and Technology Support

How We're Different

Everyone Hates the IT Person


We’ve all had a bad experience with a technical support representative. They can be rude, condescending, know-it-all types who string together technology buzzwords as fast as they can. You can’t understand them, and half the time the problem you called them about isn’t even fixed when they’re done. At OnSwitch, we’ve been through that kind of support experience too many times. And do you know what? We hate it too.


A Different Kind of Support

We want you to feel like OnSwitch technicians are a part of your team. We’re a fun, friendly group of people with a passion for technology. We’re here to take away the worry of your business IT so that you can get back to doing what you do best - running your company! No matter what the question, give us a call. Day or night, we’re here to help with any technology problem you might encounter.

With OnSwitch, you can count on:

  • Business hours live support, 24/7 emergency support: Call us anytime, for any technology problem

  • Proactive monitoring: We find problems before they start

  • Friendly technicians: A fast, friendly support team who speaks your language

  • Solutions that fit: We make your existing processes more efficient instead of changing the way you work



The Right Solution, Every Time

OnSwitch account managers will meet with you frequently to review your technology, and discuss any changes that might be necessary to meet your business objectives. Account managers guide you through mapping out your current business processes and find the best technology to fit the way you work. Whether you need to replace a single workstation, or you need the ability for all of your office locations to share a single phone system, our account managers have got you covered. And if something ever doesn’t work the way you need it to, just let us know. We’ll find the right technology to fit your business - even if we don’t sell it ourselves.



Honest, Straightforward Pricing

We hate being nickel and dimed as much as you do. Unlike most IT providers, you don’t need to provide us with your personal information and be pestered by our sales team just to see our prices. We list our pricing up front for all of our services. We also provide all of our pricing—there are no hidden fees or sneaky service charges to surprise you on your bill.



Backed by Experience, Driven by Passion

Our directors have more than a decade of experience. Our first tier support technicians have industry certifications for the products they support. We know the pains and frustrations of small and mid-sized businesses, and we’re driven to fix them by helping companies work smarter. All too often, technology stands in the way of productivity. The team at OnSwitch can help your company grow by removing the barriers introduced by new technology, and help you get back to business.