Communications and Technology Support


Spread the Love

Tell someone you love us. Get a cheque, and get them a discount. It’s that simple. OnSwitch has a referral program that pays you if you recommended our services to a new customer.

Here’s how it Works

  1. You extol the virtues of OnSwitch services to your friends, family, and colleagues.

  2. The person you referred to us signs up for a monthly Proactive IT Support plan with OnSwitch.

  3. At the end of the customer’s third month of service, OnSwitch pays you 25% of the customer’s monthly contract amount (up to a maximum value of $1000), and gives the customer you referred a credit worth 25% of their monthly bill (up to a maximum value of $1000).

No referral links to send out, no tracking your numbers, and no pushy sales techniques. We ask every new customer how they heard about us when they sign up. When they give us your name, we’ll let you know to expect something awesome in the mail within a few months.